My Cats Series-2

This is the monkey's favorite thing is cucumber. It was a strange cat and its name remained an ape because it practiced monkeys. It was such a cat with little appetite, but they did evil to him too. They caught it with their cub and threw it away. We couldn't find it for a long time and eventually the devil found his way to the house, but his cub was not with him. Neighbors found their cubs. I couldn't forget the moments of reunion, they missed each other and learned not to trust each other anymore. The monkey is now 3 years old.

Does it look so innocent?
No, he is not innocent at all, a kind of awake of the kind that devils his devil's shoes upside down :) Let me tell you about Şeytan. The neighbor had worlds dogs. Although he wasn't hungry, he would steal from dogs' food without appearing to dogs like a ninja.He also had a bad temper, caught and killed chickens and ate them.She didn't really need it, so we wouldn't starve her. One day she disappeared and we do not know what happened to her.

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