My Cats Series-3

It's worth twins. They didn't have a name yet, and oddly enough, this photo was taken on November 17, 2017, but we don't remember their mother, possibly our cat, whose mother was called Satan. We do not even remember that her mother was not looking, even after one died, we started feeding the other at home, but when we did not stop at home, we had to remove it, and after a while she passed away.

Look at that sweetness :)

This is my little mouse. His brother, one of the two cats since the birth of the monkey, lived for a very short time. Unfortunately, it was a cat that had to leave her mother when she was a baby because of the people around her. I remember her meeting with her mother very clearly, hugged each other and thought I was crying while the craving was resolved.

Oh, my little mouse is dead unfortunately not alive anymore. I have a video with him, and I thought we would post them too. It was like a human, it wouldn't make you feel that there was no cat. I have a different place in me.

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